Our Values

Fast fashion is not our thing!
We love 'hand me down' clothes so quality is very important for us, we want our clothes to be used by as many kids as possible, passing down from sibling to sibling then to the neighbor's kids then to your friend's kids... you know how it works. =) 

Ethically made.
We put a lot of effort to make sure our garments are ethically made and that is an ongoing process. We are always looking for better ways to check with our suppliers about their commitment to fair trade principles. Our garments are made overseas and designed and printed here in New Zealand.

Supporting local
One of the main ideas behind Stick Hunters is to support local organisations, and that is why we are committed to donate a percentage of our profits to a local organisation. We know it is just a tiny contribution but we dream big and we want to help others to achieve their dreams too.

Environmentally friendly
Anne-Marie Bonneau from Zero Waste Chef once said: "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." and we couldn't agree more. We are doing our bit, we try to be as paperless as possible and use recycled paper when we can. Our courier bags are home and commercially compostable.

We are part of the Eco Packaging Alliance from Noissue, they plant a tree every time we buy from them, plus they use soy and water based inks and papers come from FSC certified forests.