About Us


Stick Hunters is a family business and we are the family behind the business.
We love our outdoorsy lifestyle, full of carefree journeys and fun quality time together. Stick Hunters is a reflection of that.
Sam dreamed about creating Stick Hunters for almost 5 years, since she was pregnant with her fist son, Gus. Working full time as an architectural designer, with a mortgage, then another baby, a dog, and a few more things going on, all seemed to be in the way to make that dream to come true. Then one day, after talking to a friend she found out about an online business course called "Lady Start Up" and she decided to join it. It gave her the confidence and support she needed to stop dreaming and starting making it a reality. The whole family jumped in to support the idea and that is how Stick Hunters was born.
We are very lucky to live in Tauranga - New Zealand.

Curiosity about our name:
For months we couldn't find a name, we had a list of over 35 names but nothing felt right. One day, during one of many walks during lockdown we went to a place close to our house. Gus and Otto were looking for sticks to throw in the water for Margot to fetch, then Fabio just turned around and said: here is the name for the business, Stick Hunters. It just felt right.

The day we came up with our name.

Thank you for joining the hunt!


Sam, Fabio, Gus, Otto and Margot